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108 Tips for Mindful Parents and Caregivers

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Primary Point, Vol.32, No. 3, Winter 2016
Article on page 22

Reader's Favorite: Book Review 4/25/2016
Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

Meditation for Moms and Dads: 108 Tips for Mindful Parents and Caregivers by Shana Smith is a useful guide that gives 108 tips to parents and caregivers about how useful meditation is for everyone, and shows how one can see attachment giving way to freedom, fear dissolving into freedom, and the shifts it can bring. Meditation is essential for cultivating mindfulness and comes in many forms. The book reiterates the fact that practicing meditation daily will bring infinite love and helps everyone connect with the present moment, creating peace and joy in their families. Meditation is a way of disciplining the posture, breathing, and stilling the mind. This book has a lot of answers to questions like What is meditation?, What is a meditation practice?, and How to start meditation?
I found the book extremely useful to all those who want to know more about meditation and want to start practicing meditation. The book gives tips and techniques about the wonderful combination of breathing, rhythm, sensation, and focus. It's very challenging for everyone to practice meditation regularly in this ever-changing, busy world, but the author has ideas for that too. The black and white sketches give the book a light tone and help kids connect well with the contents. The real parent stories, funny sketches, and tips makes the concept palpable and tangible to all readers. The book is a good guide and inspiration for all those who want to practice meditation in the context of family life.

Holistic Parenting Magazine Blog 5/19/2016

If you’re new to mindfulness and meditation, this short and sweet book is a great place to start! Smith understands and works with–rather than resisting–the reality of life with children, a parent’s real need to fill their cup so they can continue to serve the family as “Householder” and all the challenges–often perceived as obstacles–that modern families face. Her grace and humor throughout the book entice the reader to start somewhere, and now. I appreciated each and every one of the 108 tips, and loved that the book ends with poems. If you’re looking for guidance to incorporate meditation into a hectic family life, look no further!





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